Thursday, June 19, 2008

ryan is a great dad

we ended ryan's fathers day celebration next to the airport watching the planes. this is one of his and malachi's favorite activities. we did get a couple pilots to wave at us as well, which always makes the guys happier. so thankful for the amazing dad ryan is to malachi and abram. he fills their lives with blessing.

4 beautiful eggs

two days ago all four of our chickens (we adopted a new one) laid eggs. i think these eggs are beautiful - the color of the chicken matches the color of the egg. it's pretty amazing that chickens can lay an egg a day. i am blown away some times when i stop and think about how God created each animal and its uniqueness and contribution to our earth. chickens are pretty fun birds, they cluck at me to show their disgust in an empty water bowl or when they want privacy as they lay, and they are birds. these crazy chickens also make abram squeal with delight - he loves looking at them peck at their food and move all around the coop. we love our chickens and are thankful for their eggs! in case you are wondering they taste the same as the eggs you buy in the store, our neighbor did a taste test. plus these eggs are hormone free and laid by free range birds... we are thinking about setting up our own little farmers market in the front yard with all the zucchini we have too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bethany Friends

Jeff, Keri, Marlene, Eleanor holding Abram, Karyn holding Hailey, Me & Malachi

Abram and Haily "playing" together

Last week the boys and I had lunch at Bethany Christian Services - it was so great to see old friends. Three of us no longer work with Bethany and Karyn and her little girl Hailey were in town from I finally got over to the office to see everyone and introduce Abram. Sorry it took so long guys! It was also good to know that people actually read this blog so everyone knows about whats going on in each other's lives. So these are all the great people I used to work with pre kids. I promise to visit again :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

grandma verwys' visit

we drove to the airport today to drop off grandma - and we were sad to see her leave but glad to know we will see her again very soon. it always makes goodbyes easier when you know you get to see one another in a couple weeks. we had such a great time together and are so thankful for how ryan's mom blesses our lives, encourages us, speaks wisdom into our circumstances and is such a servant (she did all the laundry while she was here)!

malachi and abram were completely loved on by grandma - she shared a lot of special moments with each of them.

malachi and grandma put 2 puzzles together while we were staying at a friend's house in san diego. we were able to use our friend's home while they were on vacation - so we had our own little vacation with grandma. the boys played with grandma while ryan and i had a chance to go on a couple of dates. that's right; 2 dates, in 2 days. amazing, we were very thankful for a wonderful babysitter.

malachi is a little fish and he "swam" in the hot tub all weekend. we wish the pools we visit were 95 degrees too.

our last day with grandma was spent at the zoo. malachi's favorite animals are the giraffes, there are 2 baby giraffes right now that are very entertaining to watch. we sat and had lunch by the giraffes. notice too that malachi is showing off his new car, King. His buddy Micah gave him this car the other day and it is now his very favorite - our son is a little obsessed with anything Cars. He is also wearing his new McQueen to all those other moms with little ones who love the Cars movie, how long can this obsession last? I never imagined I would be able to tell you every character of a movie because I get to talk about them every day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


this is abram just hanging out in the high chair. i gave him a spoon yesterday and it delighted him for quite a while. he is such a joy! i was looking at pictures of malachi at 9 months the other day and saw his mouth full of teeth - abram has none, yet. he just gums all his food. he is still sitting around, although this week he has started to lean forward and kind of get on his hands and knees for a second before he falls. so maybe the army crawl is in his near future. he doesn't like to sleep through the night. he gives great big sloppy kisses. he loves talking with us, giggling and his face lights up when his big brother is around. Malachi now holds Abrams hand across the bucket seats in the van. Great brotherly love. Abram is one tough baby already given all the "love" from Malachi, we are thankful he is flexible considering all the positions Malachi seems to put him in.


we keep sienna's dog food outside in a closet in the backyard, and ryan has just transferred the bag of food into a storage container. our friend keith came over to borrow a shovel, which is also stored in the closet. i jokingly told him the mice were no where to be found because we had "captured" them all... well he returned the shovel and came in and commented on the mice being absent from the closet. there were 5 baby mice jumping up and down in the dog food, trapped. so the guys caught them for our friend's reptiles... let me just say i HATE mice, even baby mice, they just gross me out. i am admitting to a phobia. but malachi thought this whole adventure was great all the way to the lizard eating the mouse. look close and you see the mice in what was just a bug catcher.