Thursday, June 5, 2008


this is abram just hanging out in the high chair. i gave him a spoon yesterday and it delighted him for quite a while. he is such a joy! i was looking at pictures of malachi at 9 months the other day and saw his mouth full of teeth - abram has none, yet. he just gums all his food. he is still sitting around, although this week he has started to lean forward and kind of get on his hands and knees for a second before he falls. so maybe the army crawl is in his near future. he doesn't like to sleep through the night. he gives great big sloppy kisses. he loves talking with us, giggling and his face lights up when his big brother is around. Malachi now holds Abrams hand across the bucket seats in the van. Great brotherly love. Abram is one tough baby already given all the "love" from Malachi, we are thankful he is flexible considering all the positions Malachi seems to put him in.

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Mark, Allison & Tessa Joy said...

showoff... with transitions and all. How did you do that? Moviemaker?