Monday, September 22, 2008

abram's year in review

one day old

malachi meets abram

early smiles

the blue eyes stuck

my sling

6 months old

my scowl

crawling around this summer at 9 months

i think he loves his mom

happy boy

brothers playing together

abram a few days shy of 1

i was challenged to take as many pictures of my second child as i did my first. i think i did, i just didn't get them out to people as well this time around... so here is abram's year in review. amazing how much changes in a year and how they grow, learn and develop. my little man is not feeling so hot on his birthday and is taking a nap going on 3 + hours, so i had time to do this today. he did today learn how to celebrate by throwing his arms in the air when we sing happy birthday to him in dutch, it is very cute. so happy birthday to abram.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


cake face one year later

We celebrated Abram's first birthday this weekend with friends and 2 uncles. Abram is 1 tomorrow and I am remembering a year ago coming home from an Over the Rhine concert and thinking maybe tomorrow?! Abram is such a content little guy and is my little snuggler. He is becoming more of a little boy each day. As he and Malachi play together more I realize he is 1. He is almost walking - he takes a few steps on his own and will walk around everything and with his push toy. He loves eating with a spoon or fork by himself, he makes this clear with grunts and gestures. He is attached to his swaddling blanket and enjoys falling alseep with his big brother in the rooom too. He prefers fruit over any other food and if he sees the plums or strawberries he will insist on eating all of them. He also likes our dog a lot and will pet her and give her kisses, thankfully she is very tolerant and just takes anything. We love Abram and are thankful to celebrate his first birthday. We pray he blesses those in his life and he becomes a friend of God.

Monday, September 15, 2008

a fun weekend of gatherings

we had a great weekend hosting parties. they were both birth related. first my friend taffy launched her official doula website. doulas offer emotional support, encouragement and wisdom throughout labor and birth. they also support women and families through the transformation that a new baby brings to a family. we had a doula at both of the boys births and it was a great support for us. taffy is a wonderful friend and an amazing doula because she is such a servant and encourager. so here are some pics of the celebration and if you are pregnant and live in the southern ca area i would highly recommend her services. check it out at
taffy's site is

The other event of the weekend was a baby shower for our friends Shaun and Tia. Shaun has been a friend since we moved here 8 years ago and he lived with us for a little while...Tia entered the picture about 3 years ago and we love her. Actually we think Shaun is a lot more fun to hang out with now that Tia is around, they just are a great pair... We are thrilled that they are having a baby boy this coming November and so we had a shower to celebrate the up coming arrival of baby p. We were all impressed by the baby trivia facts they both knew and enjoyed hanging out together.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

our new niece, addisyn ranae

ok so another beautiful baby entered the world yesterday. ryan's sister, ruthanne had a precious baby girl. she is healthy and wonderful. ruthanne had a great birth. we are so excited that addisyn is here and ryan got the extra special treat of extending his chicago trip to see addisyn and her mom and dad in person! he surprised them today by just showing up at the hospital. we are jealous but very happy for ryan. welcome addisyn!!


look at that beautiful mama, pretty baby and that guy is pretty good looking too

proud daddy

uncle ryan


verwys ladies

verwys family visit

we had a great visit with ryan's parents and his brothers last week. my pictures from the visit are all on ryan's i stole these from ross. the highlights of our time together were: backyard landscape project, beach days, hanging out, a date day (yes whole day) for ryan and myself with an amazing hike, lunch and time together, and our boys being loved on by uncles and grandparents.

verwys boys at redondo pier

uncle ross and uncle rob

watching the waves in awe - he really doesn't like the ocean, or i should say the thought of being in it

malachi planning his get away

got the lemon

taste the lemon

abram's giggles