Wednesday, June 11, 2008

grandma verwys' visit

we drove to the airport today to drop off grandma - and we were sad to see her leave but glad to know we will see her again very soon. it always makes goodbyes easier when you know you get to see one another in a couple weeks. we had such a great time together and are so thankful for how ryan's mom blesses our lives, encourages us, speaks wisdom into our circumstances and is such a servant (she did all the laundry while she was here)!

malachi and abram were completely loved on by grandma - she shared a lot of special moments with each of them.

malachi and grandma put 2 puzzles together while we were staying at a friend's house in san diego. we were able to use our friend's home while they were on vacation - so we had our own little vacation with grandma. the boys played with grandma while ryan and i had a chance to go on a couple of dates. that's right; 2 dates, in 2 days. amazing, we were very thankful for a wonderful babysitter.

malachi is a little fish and he "swam" in the hot tub all weekend. we wish the pools we visit were 95 degrees too.

our last day with grandma was spent at the zoo. malachi's favorite animals are the giraffes, there are 2 baby giraffes right now that are very entertaining to watch. we sat and had lunch by the giraffes. notice too that malachi is showing off his new car, King. His buddy Micah gave him this car the other day and it is now his very favorite - our son is a little obsessed with anything Cars. He is also wearing his new McQueen to all those other moms with little ones who love the Cars movie, how long can this obsession last? I never imagined I would be able to tell you every character of a movie because I get to talk about them every day.

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