Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hair cuts

malachi enjoying the blue frosting from my birthday cupcake

abram looking like such a big boy

ezekiel is 3 months old

the baby is growing - he is long and getting chubby little legs. today he started giggling as abram clapped and smiled at him. it was so cute to see these brothers enjoy one another and abram loved that ezekiel was so engaged with him. ezekiel is a calm little guy and pretty flexible. now that he has traveled to michigan, iowa and ohio in his short life. he is a great traveler on the airplane and has switched timezones really well.
he has started grabbing at the toys swinging above him and he loves to have his hand or blankie in his mouth. he likes to suck on something - hence my first pacifier baby. it great to hear him find his voice and begin to squeal with delight.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

quote of the day

malachi and i were talking about his friend ely's mom having two babies in her tummy...
malachi: why are there 2 babies in her tummy?
me: because God put 2 babies in there.
malachi: God is playing a joke on her.
i try not to laugh and ask him what kind of joke God is playing on her
malachi: a baby joke because God is a joker

so there you have it nespers - the answer to why you are pregnant with twins

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

love our cousins

the boys had a lot of fun with their cousins this summer. the older ones even had a sleepover with grandpa and grandma. we are glad to have summer vacations so these kids can hang out. we love each one of them!

stephanie - 6 years old

carter - 9 months

cortney -3 1/2 years old

Addisyn - 1 years old

Sunday, October 11, 2009

abram is 2

our little man is 2! it kind of creeped up on us, although we knew it was coming right?! abram is such a sweet kid and we love so much about him and his personality. he has shown us since ezekiel's birth what a gentle spirit he has. he always wants to know where his baby brother is and he gives him a lot of kisses throughout the day. he also gets a little upset when other people hold ezekiel - he is always looking out for the baby. he is also a tease - so on one hand he is senstive about life and changing things up - for instance yesterday ryan was helping taking down a popup shade and he stared crying because the shade was being taken down...but he also totally teases his brother with a glint in his eye. malachi will be playing and abram will jump on his back over and over again. it has been fun to see malachi and abram develop a friendship this past year. this morning they woke up and went into the living room together and were just sitting on the couch under a blanket talking. abram is just starting to develop words so the other thing we love is how he uses his hands to communicate - he does a fairly good job - at least i know what he "saying" often through his gestures, which maybe explains why he gets away with just a few words. anyway we are thankful for abram and all he is and look forward to what will be ahead in his life.

Birthday Party

Sunday, October 4, 2009

too long...

so i guess life with 3 little boys has finally caught up with me and i haven't blogged in a long time... a lot has happened since my last entry. sarah and ryan's wedding, our vacation in mi, abram turning 2, malachi starting preschool, computer problems, a trip to iowa and life. so i will attempt to catch up...i said attempt

this is new picture though of ezekiel smiling... he is growing big fast!

sarah the beautiful bride


abram communicating

malachi flying

ezekiel 6 weeks old

abram flying

the dock

the five of us