Monday, April 30, 2007

Seeing our baby

Below this post you can watch video of our ultrasound and discover what we saw, it's a baby... just watch and you'll see. Our baby was moving all around during the ultrasound and Ryan and my mom were able to be there to experience this as well. They even broke the rules by letting us video tape it. So we are excited to share this with you, it's amazing to see how God is knitting together this little creation. The baby is about 8 oz. right now and 19 weeks into it. We would also ask that you keep us in prayer as we go in for another ultrasound in the next couple weeks. Baby was moving all over the place and they missed some photos they needed to get... We'll keep you posted after this next ultrasound and the new pics we get of our little one. Enjoy the footage (there is some of Malachi too.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

malachi's silly face always makes us laugh

our baby boy is now a little boy

starting something new

so i don't blog, but i've been inspired by friends to try. i think this could be an easy way to share about our life with family and friends, so here we go. plus we can post pictures rather than just storing them on the computer.

tonight at our gathering we reflected on how we have seen God at work in our lives or others around us. people's voices expressed many stories about day to day life and seeing God's hand through experiences. we see God's creative power in the birth of Tessa Joy Fieldhouse. God's guidance in shaun working with starbucks and meeting other people who work(ed) there. connections being made in the hightower's neighborhood. meeting someone with a lead for selling our house. all unique God stories.

tomorrow is a new day and new opportunities, adventures and God stories to be experienced.