Friday, November 28, 2008

3rd Annual Triptofan-tastic 5k

yesterday we again started our thanksgiving with our 5k run/walk with friends through the streets of bellflower. this year malachi even joined in the run for about a 1/4 of a mile. he ran his little legs off and then hopped into the stroller for the rest of the race. we had a great time with everyone - even those who joined for the after race refreshments and skipped the run! so next year if you don't want to actually race and just want the juice, fruit and coffee you can still come. it was a fun way to start thanksgiving. thanks fieldhouses for the pictures - you can check out their blog for the video.

tessa and abram post race

the domestic diva with turkey headgear and just had a baby walker

the running crew

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


malachi is nearing the end of being 2. it seems like this year has seen so much change and development in his whole being. its amazing to me to think about how quickly he has grasped language, problem solving, sharing (it's gotten a lot better), being a big brother, listening, trying new adventures.... he is a fun kid and continues to amaze me with the questions he thinks of and statements he makes. knock on wood, we went through the terrible 2's of him seemingly fighting everything we asked of him and i think we have come out on the other side. it took a lot of consistent work but i see the light! although i hear the 3's can be just as demanding. but what i know is what i know so far, right.

today he got to play with 2 different friends at our house and he had so much fun. they played in his room with toys. sat and read books. i am so thankful for the great friends he has in his life already because i see how they help him learn and grow and just enjoy being a kid.

each stage is unique and has its joys and challenges. i am trying to remind myself to enjoy where malachi is today - even on the crazy days. i am loving his joy for the simple pleasure of throwing a pillow at his dad or chasing his friends around the room. he loves to read, which i love to do with him. he is still doing puzzles all by himself, as he says. he also has discovered that sesame street computer games online are a lot of fun, my 2 year old plays computer games by himself! he still loves cars and talks to me about the ones he is missing in his collection and how much he needs them... so a few more weeks of enjoying life with a 2 year old and then on to the adventure of 3!

our silly little abram

i heard malachi telling abram that he was being silly, so i knew something was up. i walked into the kitchen and found abram splashing in the milk he spilled out of his sippy cup. how fun!

you wish you had swim goggles like this too

he likes his wooden shoes - he wants to wear them - they are so uncomfortable but one night he really wanted to walk all around with them on

we first hear him at 5 am and pray he falls back asleep and then he is awake by 6. so here he is enjoying cereal bright and early. if anyone has tips for how to get him to sleep later in a room he shares with his brother let me know.


i'm not sure who is having more fun?!

pile on with uncle rob

this is the new phenomena that has hit our house. malachi now asks nightly if we can wrestle after dinner - mostly he means with his dad and abram. the attention i have been getting lately has been his verbal words of love for me throughout the day. "mom, i love you so much." warms my heart. but sometimes they do let me join in too.

so ryan and the boys wrestle, which involves pillows coming off all seats in the living room. we also had some wrestling guest appearances with uncle rob and opa. rob watched the boys this weekend while ryan i went to a friend's reception and my dad came into town for a meeting. they all had a blast. life with two little boys!

a visit from oma

my mom visited last week for a couple days in a break she had from her chaplaincy residency - the boys had a great time getting a lot of attention and love from oma. we are blessed to have these little visits quite often.

abram's silly face

reading with oma and not letting his new Mack get too far from sight

the big puzzle!

abram loves music

the video of the guys playing was taken after house church - abram loves music and he enjoys playing his guitar. he sat at chrissy's feet that night "singing" and playing his guitar and tessa joined in the fun.

he has so much fun

tessa and abram playing together

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

urban homesteaders?!

i turned 30 and my brother bought me a book, "the urban homestead" by kelly coyne and erik knutzen. i think if someone would have told me that i would have chickens in my backyard when i was 30 i would have laughed.

so what is urban homesteading, i discovered as i read that we are doing it, didn't know it but i am an urban homesteader. a friend had told me about rural homesteaders and i thought there is no way i could ever do that. i guess its my draw to civilization, people, streets, buildings that makes me the urban kind. it just kind of happened to us one step at a time. a friend is a great gardener and taught us about chickens and gardening. we have tried some seeds and failed. we already had a couple fruit trees and added more when a gardening store was going out of business.

but i was encouraged by the book to share this idea with others because it isn't just about chickens, its about growing some of your own food, recycling, energy conservation, composting (they do talk about a composting toilet and i am so not going that way...) they offer gardening solutions for people who live in apartments, use pots or guerrilla garden and use the dirt area between the sidewalk and street. anyone can do some part of it.

from my fun birthday book: "Urban homesteading is an affirmation of the simple pleasures of life. When you spend a Saturday morning making bread, or go out on a summer evening after work to sit with your chickens, or take a deep breath of fresh cut basil, you unplug from the madness."

this week I picked basil, brought it in to rinse it. Placed the green leaves into the food processor with olive oil, pine nuts, and cheese - fresh pesto. My kitchen smelled incredible. my friend Taffy and I enjoyed fresh pesto and mozzarella sandwiches made panini style. so good.

urban homesteader. in the heart of bellflower. it's been amazing to see how much we compost instead of putting down the disposal, and starbucks gives us all their coffee grinds to add to it. here are a few of our current garden eats, so beautiful, fresh and organic. be encouraged to try to grow something, if I can do it anyone can. i have to say ryan gets the most credit for our garden, he does all the hard work and i pick the bounty. thanks for the book dirk i've discovered something new about myself.

our molting chicken - we just eat the eggs...

my basil bush

dwarf orange tree


red lettuce

Friday, November 7, 2008

cowboy and chicken

my cowboy because he didn't want to be a clown...

malachi and ely

my sister sarah came again this year for halloween

trick or treating with dad

abram's one year pics a little late

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vacation to marco island

malachi said the best part of florida was going in the pool and walking on the sand. he is sitting on my lap and telling me he could type right now... he also liked the boat ride on mommy's 30th birthday. he and abram loved hanging out with grandma and grandpa too. here are some shots of our fun time.

enjoying the zoo because it was little cold


driving the boat with ryan

driving the boat with grandpa

this little river was dug for the boys to play in...little did we know that it would turn into an uncontrolable current that emptied the beach of all the water behind the boys. it also trapped people who had walked down the beach and came back to discover they couldn't get across the river. two women attempted to jump the river and fell flat on their faces. oops. goes to show a little digging can result in huge problem. we packed up the evidence and left the beach because we were getting a lot of looks from people. but it is a good story.

malachi running on the beach

abram digging

learning to swim all by himself

so proud of himself

help from malachi blowing out my candles


ryan and i along with other kingdom causes staff traveled to miami in october to go to the Christian community development association conference. we started attending this conference in 2000 and have come back again and again. they bring together people engaged in community development ministries across the united states to learn, to be encouraged, to be inspired and to be together.

it was refreshing for my soul to be at this conference. the theme this year was shalom and this was interwoven throughout worship, speakers, workshops... i realized while i was there how deeply this concept of shalom penetrates my heart and the call ryan and i have for bellflower and for life. i wanted to share ccda's explanation of seeking the peace of the city, shalom. it is rich and it is true and it is a call for each of us in the places we are. Here it is below.

“Seeking the Peace of the City”
When God created the heavens and the earth, He wove it all together like a million silk threads forming a dazzling garment never before seen - each thread passing over, under and around millions of others to create a perfectly complementary, tightly-woven, interdependent, amazing whole. This wondrous webbing together of God and man and all of creation is what the Hebrew prophets called shalom.

Shalom is a word packed with hope for a broken, bruised and wounded world. It speaks of wholeness, right relationships, justice, salvation, and righteousness, all of which can be missed when we simply read the English word, ‘peace.’

God’s intention for every community is that His shalom would reign. Can you imagine neighborhoods with secure streets, healthy relationships, effective and affirming schools, clean air, and a thriving local economy? Can you picture neighbors sharing meals together, children laughing and playing freely, and the elderly being valued, honored and cared for as the norm in our communities? Can you fathom vibrant churches in every neighborhood being beacons of light and hope because of their deep concern for the well being of all community residents, not just their members? Can you envision people being drawn to the love and power of God because of the clear witness of Christians fully committed to Jesus Christ?
We can! In fact, CCDA exists to see this kind of impact in the poorest communities in our nation and world. Our passion and commitment is to be a voice of challenge, equipping Christ-followers who are ready to step forward and see the shalom of God become a reality in under-resourced communities. To this end, we pray boldly and confidently, as Jesus prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”


this is it - i wish i could sit down with each person that reads this blog and express how this statement resonates with me and resonates with you. i think i have at times done a poor job explaining how this desire to seek the peace and prosperity of the city connects to my life. but then i think this explains how we desire to live and why we might do some of things we do and i hope our life illustrates this.

what a great time and i am thankful to have been a part of it. to sit with, talk with, and worship with people who are seeking God's shalom for their communities was an honor. i pray we would all be moved toward greater shalom in our hearts, our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world.