Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 beautiful eggs

two days ago all four of our chickens (we adopted a new one) laid eggs. i think these eggs are beautiful - the color of the chicken matches the color of the egg. it's pretty amazing that chickens can lay an egg a day. i am blown away some times when i stop and think about how God created each animal and its uniqueness and contribution to our earth. chickens are pretty fun birds, they cluck at me to show their disgust in an empty water bowl or when they want privacy as they lay, and they are birds. these crazy chickens also make abram squeal with delight - he loves looking at them peck at their food and move all around the coop. we love our chickens and are thankful for their eggs! in case you are wondering they taste the same as the eggs you buy in the store, our neighbor did a taste test. plus these eggs are hormone free and laid by free range birds... we are thinking about setting up our own little farmers market in the front yard with all the zucchini we have too.

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Bec said...

Congrats on your eggs. Sometimes I think another reason God gives us kids is to help us look at the simple things in life like chickens and eggs...I find myself thinking about all of those "simple" things in a whole new way too!
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! :)