Friday, October 26, 2007

a cup of coffee

coffee in the morning at our house is a staple - malachi can already tell you who in the house drinks that hot stuff. so these pictures give you an idea of the essentials of our morning routine - roasting, grinding, brewing and drinking the beans and hanging out with the boys.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

sponsored by you?

Tomorrow is the golf marathon for Kingdom Causes and Ryan is golfing a 100 holes to support the work that is transforming people and neighborhoods in Bellflower. I'm writing a blog entry about this because I'm excited about how we have seen God's hand at work. A teenager who frequents the community center is one story of God moving and bringing hope. Before getting connected to Kingdom Causes "Liz" had nothing to do after school, so this led to some negative activities. Through some other teens in the neighborhood she was introduced to Our Place, the community center, and started hanging around. Today she is part of the neighborhood teen leadership group and filling her days with activities that are building her as a leader and creating positive change in her life. As Ryan golfs 100 holes in the CA sunshine tomorrow it will be to continue the stories of hope like Liz's and grow Kingdom Causes.

Please consider pledging, it's not to late to sponsor Ryan, whether it's a set amount or per hole donation, each gift builds Kingdom Causes' capacity to transform lives and Bellflower. Go to to make a pledge. Thanks for your support!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

moma and popa

we have enjoyed having my parents in town the last week, although my dad was working while he was here and made appearance to get his grandson fix. not only have i enjoyed the extra pair of hands around the house, but malachi and abram have had a blast playing with oma and opa, or in malachi's words, moma and popa. we have just hung out a lot, but also enjoyed the Bellflower Parade (50 year city celebration) and the Pumpkin Patch. highlights of the parade were mickey mouse waving hello to malachi and the dancing horses. we have to say the city kicked it up a notch with the 50 year birthday, this parade topped last years. then we went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday, and ryan chased malachi around and around, the kid literally ran from one pumpkin to the next the whole time. thank goodness God created babies to just hang out... it's hard to believe we've almost had abram for a month now. so thats a brief of update from the verwys house.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Praying for Tessa

Today, Tessa Joy, our friends, Mark and Allison's,baby girl is having her first surgery for her cleft lip and palate. She is such a beautiful baby and her smile lights up a room, Malachi and Abram are already fighting over who gets to benefit from an arranged marriage. Tessa is in surgery this morning and then afterwards will have a couple weeks of restrictive recovery. Her little arms will be restrained so she doesn't touch her mouth, so no sucking for comfort. And she will have to be syringe fed for a time. Please pray with us that her surgery will go well, that she will have quick recovery and comfort, and that Mark and Allison will be sustained through this as well. Tessa has a long journey of surgeries and dr. visits ahead, and we trust that God will be faithful in walking with her and showing himself in every moment and day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

malachi loves his little brother

A lot of people are wondering how Malachi is doing with a new little brother. We think each day brings new learning to his world about sharing, being patient, and loving Abram. He always asks where the baby is if Abram is not in his direct line of sight. Now he wants to hold him, but maybe only for a second and then he declares he is "done." Bascially Malachi has now learned that when mom nurses it means she can't get up and stop me from something, so he then jumps off the furniture or grabs the camera... What a smart kid. We think he loves Abram and is adjusting like any 21 month old would; with some fanfare and fun.

grandma verwys is here

Grandma VerWys met Abram for the first time on Saturday and is staying with us for a week. We love having her with us in CA and the boys love their grandma being with them. So having 2 little boys now isn't that hard when you have a grandma around to help. This is my easing into life with 2.