Wednesday, September 29, 2010

end of summer...

summer is done. but who would have guessed it this week when it reached 111 degrees in bellflower in septemeber - crazy. i realized after our trip to mi and chicago that the last year has been very full. but i look back and think - we did it. some bruises along the way but we made it and learned and grew as a family. we had a great summer even though we only went to the beach 1 time. i had high hopes... i also had high hopes of visiting many people while we were in mi, and we didn't. i thought for sure our house addition would be close to finished by now, but it isn't. i even thought we might be starting a charter school this fall but we are still working on that one too. a dear friend told me the other day, "give yourself a break rachel." so i am (or trying to remember that she said this and i should embrace it) i loved my summer with the boys! if we missed you this summer, please know we love you... here are a lot of pictures to record the end of summer.

ezekiel loves dogs - my sister's dog toby got lots of attention...

yes sue is about to eat ryan's head!

chicago lego store - the boys heaven

ryan and his dad baptized our neice brinsley - what a honey