Saturday, May 31, 2008

the locks have fallen

i freaked my mom out today when I told her we buzzed malachi's hair - we used a number 8 for those who know razor extension lengths... but his hair has now taken on the summer cut, not buzzed. we went swimming yesterday and his bangs were hanging in his face and he was waking up with bed head... so the razor came out and now malachi looks a year older. he was a bit shocked to see the results himself, and oma the hair will grow back.

a the community center photo class posing

not wanting his picture taken this morning

8 months old

Abram is sitting in his highchair right now loving his chunks of sweet potato, he is quite easily picking those little orange chunks up with his fingers and stuffing his mouth. He is now 8 months old and becoming a little baby man before our eyes. When I turned around this week and saw him pull himself up in the crib it struck me that he is closer to 1 than being a newborn. Amazing how quickly they grow, learn, and just get so cute.

in the crib

bath time

minutes old

Thursday, May 15, 2008

some updates from may

sometimes my days seem to run into one another and i lose track of all that is going on around me. the last couple weeks have been very full for us but good. we had the kingdom causes dinner, which was a great celebration - we've had ryan's cousin anthony visit a couple times and again tonight - we had mother's day in there - our friend erin vl visited from iowa - i worked a whole day outside the home for the first time since abram's birth - we gather chicken eggs everyday now - we try to get out and take walks and go to the park - the boys and i have been sick.... it's all life from one day to the next. fun, hard, tiring, enjoyable, funny and rich. so here are some photos to catch you up on the happenings

our grinner

mothers day picnic


great landing - perfect scores all around

malachi told me he was surfing - the keychain is a surfboard...

do you see the delight in the kids eyes - (not malachi) ryan is trying out this scooter - thanks mark. i'm not sure there is anything i can say anymore to stop him from purchasing one - it only costs $6 to fill up...

making orange juice

malachi gently holding abram!

he is getting hair!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

bless bellflower

this past week was the third annual advancement dinner for KC Bellflower and it is always such an amazing time to hear how God has worked in the past year through all that has gone on in the day to day. sometimes when we are so far into the trenches and into what the next task will be, phone call, meeting, service opportunity one forgets to step back and just look at the whole picture. the dinner always provides an opportunity to do this, to stop and admire the view. great stories told about transformation in eric's life, a homeless neighbor and transformation through chrissy living in the eucy neighborhood. the room was filled with people who are kingdom causes; those who go out on tuesdays to build relationships with homeless neighbors, the women who pray every wednesday and friday morning, those who mix eggs on saturday mornings, people who live in the community center's neighborhood, those who meet once a month at 6 am for board meetings, all people who love Jesus and love bellflower. thursday night was such an encouragement and we are so thankful to be walking this journey in bellflower with people who have passion, servant spirits, love, wisdom, and commitment. so if you were there on thursday thank you and if you missed it thank you for being connected to us because really the network extends all over the nation and the world. i wanted to share this video of what is on the horizon in the coming year; bless bellflower. we are excited to continue to see how God moves and transform our lives, our neighbors lives, and our city. to start on may 18th we will gather for a city wide worship service and then in june there will be a playground building day with the ymca. "greater things are yet to come."