Thursday, June 5, 2008


we keep sienna's dog food outside in a closet in the backyard, and ryan has just transferred the bag of food into a storage container. our friend keith came over to borrow a shovel, which is also stored in the closet. i jokingly told him the mice were no where to be found because we had "captured" them all... well he returned the shovel and came in and commented on the mice being absent from the closet. there were 5 baby mice jumping up and down in the dog food, trapped. so the guys caught them for our friend's reptiles... let me just say i HATE mice, even baby mice, they just gross me out. i am admitting to a phobia. but malachi thought this whole adventure was great all the way to the lizard eating the mouse. look close and you see the mice in what was just a bug catcher.

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