Monday, November 1, 2010

super heroes and a chicken

all that candy made us a little crazy! neighborhood toddlers!
1 batman costume and 2 boys who wanted to be batman. thankfully a friend let us borrow another batman costume and saved the day. then we had our good old chicken costume; all the boys have worn this costume and ezekiel debuted a new version: super chicken.
we hung out with our neighborhood friends and enjoyed the neighborhood harvest fair hosted by a group of neighborhood congregations. of course we came home with more candy than we needed. its funny as i was putting all the candy in one bowl - that smell of plastic wrappers, chocolate, and sugar reminded me of all the halloweens where i sorted through my candy as a kid. all the sugar in my house makes me cringe as a mom but i do understand the delight that goes through a child's eyes as they survey the loot.