Monday, March 29, 2010

8 months old

we took a picture with all 3 boys on our bed when we came home from the hospital so here we are 8 months later. ezekiel is trying to sit up. malachi is showing me his transformer bandaid on his toe. abram looks like he is about to bite ezekiel. these boys are crazy! this morning abram walked into the kitchen with blue marker all over his face. he looked at us and said, "kai did it." he was right, his brother was pretending to put lipstick on him. i know this is only the beginning because i have another incident to post involving aquaphor...oh my!

ezekiel is moving all around - doesn't quite have a crawl down but he gets up on his hands and knees, moves forward, falls, and starts over. therefore he gets where he wants to go and reaches what he wants to reach. he has started following our lead to dance by moving his head all around. he waves hello and bye. he is generally a happy baby who is quick to smile. he love eating real food!

foundation poured

this has been months in the making. we poured the foundation this past weekend for the addition. wow - its been almost a year since we ripped off the back of the house and had a dirt pit in the backyard. now i can walk out the back door again! so thankful for friends who helped us make this foundation a reality, who framed in the foundation and helped us pass inspection. it took 3 cement trucks to pour it and the boys had a ton of fun watching all the action. we love paramount ready mix!! now the boys love running around on the concrete and playing tag. i love that i no longer worry about children falling in the holes in our backyard... next step is the framing. ever heard of an amish barn raising? well be prepared to be invited to a verwys house raising!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

big boys in the bath

whenever one of my boys started sitting in the tub i always felt like they were getting so old. that move from baby bath to big baby in the tub. ezekiel is now a big boy in the tub with his brothers. he loves to splash and be with his brothers. he also is starting to get around. he is up on his hands and knees and kind of scooting. he sits up and gets on his tummy and pushes himself up again. not full on crawling but he gets what he wants. therefore my latte i left on the floor (don't ask why it was on the floor) was spilled all over him and the carpet this morning.

this is a side note - while i am typing this i am drinking coffee. abram loves to drink my coffee! i am admitting i give my 2 year old sips. well he asks for a lot, not a little. this gives away the obvious, my coffee has a lot of creamer. maybe i need to cut back on the creamer....