Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Tomorrow is the golf marathon for Kingdom Causes and Ryan is golfing a 100 holes to support the work that is transforming people and neighborhoods in Bellflower. I'm writing a blog entry about this because I'm excited about how we have seen God's hand at work. A teenager who frequents the community center is one story of God moving and bringing hope. Before getting connected to Kingdom Causes "Liz" had nothing to do after school, so this led to some negative activities. Through some other teens in the neighborhood she was introduced to Our Place, the community center, and started hanging around. Today she is part of the neighborhood teen leadership group and filling her days with activities that are building her as a leader and creating positive change in her life. As Ryan golfs 100 holes in the CA sunshine tomorrow it will be to continue the stories of hope like Liz's and grow Kingdom Causes.

Please consider pledging, it's not to late to sponsor Ryan, whether it's a set amount or per hole donation, each gift builds Kingdom Causes' capacity to transform lives and Bellflower. Go to to make a pledge. Thanks for your support!!

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ronverwys said...

We're praying for the great success of the golf marrathon for Ryan and all the others golfing to make a difference!!! Hope that it is a good day for you!

Mom V.