Thursday, October 18, 2007

moma and popa

we have enjoyed having my parents in town the last week, although my dad was working while he was here and made appearance to get his grandson fix. not only have i enjoyed the extra pair of hands around the house, but malachi and abram have had a blast playing with oma and opa, or in malachi's words, moma and popa. we have just hung out a lot, but also enjoyed the Bellflower Parade (50 year city celebration) and the Pumpkin Patch. highlights of the parade were mickey mouse waving hello to malachi and the dancing horses. we have to say the city kicked it up a notch with the 50 year birthday, this parade topped last years. then we went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday, and ryan chased malachi around and around, the kid literally ran from one pumpkin to the next the whole time. thank goodness God created babies to just hang out... it's hard to believe we've almost had abram for a month now. so thats a brief of update from the verwys house.

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Karyn said...

I was surprised when I saw you called them oma and opa because that is what my parents are to my brothers kids (and what Hailey will call them too)but then remembered you are dutch too! ;-)
Both your boys are so cute!