Wednesday, October 3, 2007

malachi loves his little brother

A lot of people are wondering how Malachi is doing with a new little brother. We think each day brings new learning to his world about sharing, being patient, and loving Abram. He always asks where the baby is if Abram is not in his direct line of sight. Now he wants to hold him, but maybe only for a second and then he declares he is "done." Bascially Malachi has now learned that when mom nurses it means she can't get up and stop me from something, so he then jumps off the furniture or grabs the camera... What a smart kid. We think he loves Abram and is adjusting like any 21 month old would; with some fanfare and fun.


Rebecca Sytsema said...

How cute! I'm sure that they will grow up being best buds! By the way, did Malachi get any good pictures with the camera?

Lisa said...

i had to giggle when i read this posting of malachi because it's just so true...nursing the baby is completely different the second (& third!) time around. no longer is it peaceful & is about feeding as fast as you can before the house is torn apart:) gotta love 'em but they sure don't let you sit still! hang in does get easier!!