Friday, October 12, 2007

Praying for Tessa

Today, Tessa Joy, our friends, Mark and Allison's,baby girl is having her first surgery for her cleft lip and palate. She is such a beautiful baby and her smile lights up a room, Malachi and Abram are already fighting over who gets to benefit from an arranged marriage. Tessa is in surgery this morning and then afterwards will have a couple weeks of restrictive recovery. Her little arms will be restrained so she doesn't touch her mouth, so no sucking for comfort. And she will have to be syringe fed for a time. Please pray with us that her surgery will go well, that she will have quick recovery and comfort, and that Mark and Allison will be sustained through this as well. Tessa has a long journey of surgeries and dr. visits ahead, and we trust that God will be faithful in walking with her and showing himself in every moment and day.

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thefieldhouses said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes, Rach! Thanks for all your love and prayers...they are what's giving us the strength to get through all of this! We love you and totally accept any marriage offer from a Verwys guy. :)