Monday, March 16, 2009

swing set raising

so you know how the amish community has barn raisings - the whole community builds the barn together... we had a swing set raising a couple weekends ago and our friends helped us build the swing set. we are "storing" our friends, the nespers, swing set for them - not a bad deal we must admit. :) we were so blessed to have friends come to hang out and put the beast of the swing set together. it involved lifting the balcony/slide part over our fence and figuring out how to fit it in between the pomegranate tree and shed... we also enjoyed some amazing taco salad with our home grown lettuce and avocados. to make the day complete we were thrilled to have our dear friends the copelands back in america from indonesia - malachi affectionately calls them the "copeland family." we are excited to spend lots of play time with them the next 5 months and meet their new baby boy soon.
i stole these pictures from chrissy because camera is out of commission- abram pulled it off a table... thanks chrissy!


Preston and Angie said...

thanks for storing it! we are so glad that it's still in teh "family" and all the kids get to enjoy it in the meantime.:)

Bec said...

How FUN!! Hope you enjoy that awesome swing-set. It'll be nice to be able to have the boys play there while you give that needed attention to the new baby in a few months! :)