Monday, April 13, 2009

spring break with rob and the huizengas

we were blessed to have ryan's sister ruthanne and jeff and baby addisyn come for spring break from mi - rob, ryan's brother, was also on break too from college - so we had a full house. as they came we also had tom and cindy schipper, friends from bentheim, mi spend a night too. so much fun to have all these great people be here with us.
admittedly we had a very full week of activity because we had guests, started to remodel our house, dr. appts, work, seder meal, a city wide easter egg hunt and ryan spoke at the city good friday prayer breakfast. wow! we were so thankful for all the hard work everyone did on their break - jeff and rob were amazing builders and ruthanne helped a ton with the boys and around the house. thank you guys!! it was nice to hang out with family and enjoy one another's company. here are some highlights of our week.

addisyn's 6 month photo session - easy to take pics of a beautiful little girl

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