Tuesday, March 3, 2009

our baby #3

we saw our little baby moving all around today at the ultrasound appt. - so amazing. its hard to describe the feelings that swell up inside you as you see this little one's arms stretch across its face and its head turn from side to side. we are still in awe of how this little one is growing and developing and how much this baby looks like abram and malachi already. :) so i know you are wondering if we found out the gender. well we kind of did. it is written on a piece of paper in an envelope with a picture. so we have 20 more weeks to decide whether to find out. we'll keep you posted.


Bec said...

Beautiful baby #3! Woohoo for not finding out...you really need to hold out...it"s the best surprise EVER!!! I just had fun catching up on all of your great blogging!

Nadelhoffer said...

Wow! Those are great ultrasound pictures! You look wonderful, too. Just a little bump in the front! How far along are you? Congrats.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family! I just wanted to let you know that my husband & I did the same thing as you - having the gender written down and sealed. I didn't want to find out and he wasn't sure, so we figured that this way, he could if he wanted to, but he was not allowed to let me know if he knew or not! Well the night before our baby was born, he brought out the (still sealed) paper out of its hiding spot and tried to tempt me into ripping into it! We were BOTH surprised when the Dr. said It's a BOY! Good luck with deciding what you want to do with your own special secret info!

Sarah (Sytsema) Kanaar