Saturday, May 31, 2008

the locks have fallen

i freaked my mom out today when I told her we buzzed malachi's hair - we used a number 8 for those who know razor extension lengths... but his hair has now taken on the summer cut, not buzzed. we went swimming yesterday and his bangs were hanging in his face and he was waking up with bed head... so the razor came out and now malachi looks a year older. he was a bit shocked to see the results himself, and oma the hair will grow back.

a the community center photo class posing

not wanting his picture taken this morning


Bec said...

Wow! It hardly looks like Malachi...but certainly as cute as ever!

theolsons said...

looks like this 'do is all
the rage! :) our malachi joined the club a few days ago as well. i personally like the number 8 look a lot, we did malachi's on a number 1 and i am looking forward to it growing a little to help protect from the sun a little better.

David M said...

Opa and Oma hope it grows back quickly. We like the long blonde look in California on our grandson. Just our opinion for OUR grandson.