Saturday, May 3, 2008

bless bellflower

this past week was the third annual advancement dinner for KC Bellflower and it is always such an amazing time to hear how God has worked in the past year through all that has gone on in the day to day. sometimes when we are so far into the trenches and into what the next task will be, phone call, meeting, service opportunity one forgets to step back and just look at the whole picture. the dinner always provides an opportunity to do this, to stop and admire the view. great stories told about transformation in eric's life, a homeless neighbor and transformation through chrissy living in the eucy neighborhood. the room was filled with people who are kingdom causes; those who go out on tuesdays to build relationships with homeless neighbors, the women who pray every wednesday and friday morning, those who mix eggs on saturday mornings, people who live in the community center's neighborhood, those who meet once a month at 6 am for board meetings, all people who love Jesus and love bellflower. thursday night was such an encouragement and we are so thankful to be walking this journey in bellflower with people who have passion, servant spirits, love, wisdom, and commitment. so if you were there on thursday thank you and if you missed it thank you for being connected to us because really the network extends all over the nation and the world. i wanted to share this video of what is on the horizon in the coming year; bless bellflower. we are excited to continue to see how God moves and transform our lives, our neighbors lives, and our city. to start on may 18th we will gather for a city wide worship service and then in june there will be a playground building day with the ymca. "greater things are yet to come."

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Shannon said...

I feel like the title of this post should have been, "Ladies, I hope you are wearing waterproof"

This is so good! A firework went off in my heart :)