Thursday, May 15, 2008

some updates from may

sometimes my days seem to run into one another and i lose track of all that is going on around me. the last couple weeks have been very full for us but good. we had the kingdom causes dinner, which was a great celebration - we've had ryan's cousin anthony visit a couple times and again tonight - we had mother's day in there - our friend erin vl visited from iowa - i worked a whole day outside the home for the first time since abram's birth - we gather chicken eggs everyday now - we try to get out and take walks and go to the park - the boys and i have been sick.... it's all life from one day to the next. fun, hard, tiring, enjoyable, funny and rich. so here are some photos to catch you up on the happenings

our grinner

mothers day picnic


great landing - perfect scores all around

malachi told me he was surfing - the keychain is a surfboard...

do you see the delight in the kids eyes - (not malachi) ryan is trying out this scooter - thanks mark. i'm not sure there is anything i can say anymore to stop him from purchasing one - it only costs $6 to fill up...

making orange juice

malachi gently holding abram!

he is getting hair!


Becca said...

Thanks for the update! Love the pictures! Miss you! Can't believe Abram is getting hair finally!

ronverwys said...

Thanks for the precious pics. The boys are changing even in the weeks gone by since first of April. Blessing! Mom V.

Karyn said...

Hey Rachel!
Okay, so I cant seem to find your email address, again! We are coming to Ca., in June and I want to get together for lunch with BCS friends, and I would love if you could make it... I think we are talking about June 12th?