Tuesday, April 29, 2008

we love the chrissys and their birthday party

this past weekend we celebrated our friends chrissy (a) and crissy (b)s' birthdays! it was an arrested development theme or wear a wig. we had a blast and i have to say ryan could pass for buster, as could malachi. i'm not sure if that is a good thing. if you haven't seen the show (it was canceled) you can you tube it to get the idea. i wore this great black wig and some stunning eyelashes, didn't look a whole lot like myself. abram was a bit confused until i started talking. chrissy (a) rocked a mulat like no one I have seen before and crissy (b) convinced me she is joining hte army! it was a grand time with sparkly hair, togas, clothes from who knows what closet and good friends. so thanks chrissys for giving us a reason to party and have a ton of fun. malachi will someday owe you for introducing him to his love of karaoke and eating a microphone.

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Shannon said...

AN ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT THEME PARTY!! What?! That sounds splendid! Imagining Ryan as Buster is making my life right now...so so so good.

p.s. I think an amazonian Fresno mosquito followed me home and into my room, it got me on the eye lid. I looked like I was punched in the face for about half a day. This is becoming more of a problem than I ever anticipated. ;)