Friday, March 21, 2008

abram is 6 months tomorrow!

my scandisk had been missing for a month and i finally got it back last night from my brother, so i had a lot of pictures to upload. tomorrow abram will be 6 months old, wow, it went really fast and he is getting to be such a big baby, learning, "talking away" and growing so here are some highlights. Malachi is becoming quite the little man as well, he is a ton of fun and also seems to be going through a testing phase to see if we really mean what we say.

hanging out in the sling

watching eric roast coffee beans

malachi in the weeds

sitting up like a big boy

abram's yummy first bite of rice cereal

abram's first ride in the big car seat

his reading spot

the verwys family

abram and his cousin stephanie


Bec said...

Great pictures, Rach! I love seeing your little guys and catching up with where they are...I can't believe Abram is 6 mo already! Love to you guys-

Karsten Family said...

abram is looking so big...sitting up so well too! i can't believe he is in the big car seat already! i just moved olivia in hers a few weeks ago:) (11 months old & still just 19#)
hang tough with the testing's hard when you have another you are trying to care for, very easy to let things slide with the older one but hang tight & stick with your guns:)

Erin said...

Yeah! OMG your boys are huge! We miss you guys boatloads...we should have a phone date soon ;)