Wednesday, March 19, 2008

turtles, ducks, lizards & seeds

today we had a wonderful time exploring the el dorado nature trail. we saw a whole bunch of turtles, lots of ducks, a cute bunny, and much to my delight scampering lizards. of course i didn't have my camera to capture all these fun adventures... malachi loved walking the trail and checking out all the animals, and abram slept almost the whole time. today was ryan's day off and we enjoyed having the time to wander through the trees and be together. it was amazing how many different animals we saw - there were so many bees buzzing on the clover we could hear them. great times.
then we came home took naps and started our garden. ryan framed the garden and malachi helped pound some nails. he also just walked through the dirt a lot. i planted our seeds to transfer to the garden so we will hopefully have: strawberries, beets, radish, carrots, squash, cucumber, tomato, two types of beans, watermelon, zucchini and 2 types of basil - we are looking forward to the harvest!! i'm already anticipating the pesto we will make... so good. we are also opening to the garden to others because i think the amount of produce we have could feed half of our neighborhood - so really this is a community garden, so if you ever feel the urge to pull some weeds, water, or pick veggies stop on over. i'll show pictures soon.

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Hot Waffles said...

Ryan, Rachel, Malachi, and Abram:

I just wanted to say, "Howdy!" from Missouri! Rachel, thanks for your comment on my blog (I'm getting better about doing that!). I really miss Monday nights with the girls. Please give everyone my hello! Ryan, I pray continually for the work you do at Kingdom Causes. Malachi, you continue to become more or a "little man" every time I see pictures! You are growing up! And Abram, you are adorable!

Miss you, V Family!! Hope to talk to you soon!!

Love, Rachel T