Friday, November 9, 2007

abram is growing

as i type abram is lying on the chair in the living room falling asleep. he has his little arms spread out and is tucked into the corner. he is changing so fast and getting chubbier cheeks and legs, but is still longer and leaner than malachi was as a baby. it's funny how the clothes just fit abram differently. abram has also started greeting us with little smiles and sweet baby coos, it's so amazing to see his development. God's creativity becomes so evident to me when i look at his deep blue eyes, his little nose and long fingers. he's such a sweet baby - although last night when he woke up every 2 hours I didn't think that was the sweetest thing to do. He had been going down at 9, sleeping until 2am and then 5am and back to sleep until 7:30 - that routine is when I moved from my zombie state to an increased energy level and awareness of life around me. so hopefully tonight we can go back to long streches of sleep again. below is abe at 6 weeks!

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