Friday, November 9, 2007

night out



the girls: me, tia, and chrissy

my life is dictated by abram's feedings right now - he hasn't had a bottle yet...but since he has been going down at 9 i went out with my sister and our friends last weekend. it was the first time out without any of my boys (ryan stayed home with the boys). i felt a little strange without someone with me needing my attention for something, but i got over it kind of quickly. it was also the first time in awhile that i arrived somewhere at 10 to begin the evening - i'm 29 now and not in college. we went to this hole in the wall place, but kinda cool, where an 80's kareoke cover band was playing. so instead of a sound track for those brave souls singing, it was a live band, and they were good. our friends chrissy and shaun were brave and performed for the crowd, they rocked. it was a fun night with my sister and friends and now i'll probably return to most evenings where i'm home by 10 now that my sister has returned to MI.

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Karsten Family said...

good for you rachel! it is so refreshing to get out without the kids...even for a couple hours. you feel such freedom don't you? sounds like it was a good time! and sounds like abram is doing well..such a cutie!