Thursday, November 8, 2007

lucy the lizard

the first picture captures how malachi felt about the pet lizard he had for 2 days last week. not just a little gecko but a full on lizard. ryan found the lizard in our yard and caught it in the bug catcher. the lizard was affectionately named lucy and shared the bug catcher with an enormous jerusalem cricket that they also caught. malachi's face lite up when he saw the lizard. on the other hand my stomach, in fact my whole body, felt shaky upon sight of this little guy. i acted excited when malachi ran to show me his new friend, at the same time i explained the lizard had to stay outside. i imagined a lizard running around my house... we have a dog and a fish and we didn't need another animal to take care of. lucy now lives in the backyard again and malachi looks for her when we play outside. i think lucy is much happier in the wild with all her other friends.

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