Monday, June 28, 2010


the benefit of having an older brother for abram is that he is exposed to skills he might not be ready to attempt, but he likes to do everything malachi does. which means swim. so abram started swimming lessons last week and he is swimming. this kid was also jumping off the diving board last summer with no fear. he was very ready to learn so he could ditch the swimvest. the first day he cried when water got up his nose. but on day 2 he told me he wasn't going to cry and he was right. his confidence seemed to go up a notch as well and he was ready to swim immediately. he is so proud of himself. so now we have 2 little fish. malachi's is also loving the water and his big accomplishments now are diving for rings and doing underwater flips. so thanks to the fieldhouse's amazing pool that hovers at 90 we are enjoying many swim days. the boys told me they will never get sick of swimming.

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