Monday, June 28, 2010

riding a bike

about a month ago we were at the park with friends. malachi asked me if he could ride his friends bike, the one without training wheels. i hesitated but thought he might as well try. so he got on and i held the seat for about 15 seconds, realizing he might fall when i let go. this i think was more of a lesson for me; holding on because i didn't want malachi to get hurt and realizing he wouldn't learn unless i let go. as a mother of 3 boys i think i will have many instances when i need to let go and let my boys make a choice that might have a painful consequence but totally survivable. so i let go. and malachi rode away and didn't look back. amazing! now he riding all over town with us, enjoying the bike path in Bellflower. last night as a family we went on a 3 mile ride and he did great.

ps: excuse the helmet, its mine because i couldn't find his as we raced out the door...

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