Thursday, February 4, 2010

immiration reform

we attended a press release on the ways immigrants contribute to our economy in california with the boys. they wanted to march around the church courtyard too. immigration is part of our story as a family - my great grandparents were immigrants in california and my grandparents were immigrants in michigan. today we have friends who have suffered because of immigration laws that are outdated and need reforming. a friend of mine is going back to mexico soon with her son and will be separated from her husband for months because there is no way for her paperwork to be worked out and keep the family together. her husband is a citizen yet our immigration laws require her to leave the country in order for her documents to get processed. so in the next couple months immigration reform will be an issue in Washington dc and i hope christians are leading the movement to ask for new laws that keep families together and make paths for people to get the right documentation with dignity and justice. the link below shows pictures from the event:

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