Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ezekiel is 6 months old

he is such a happy little guy. he loves giving smiles to everyone and is pretty sure that people need to pay attention to him all the time. he has started reeving his hands just like his big brothers did when they were babies and got excited. he drools all the time, no teeth, but his fingers a getting sucked on all the time. he is rolling over, loves the exersaucer and likes rice cereal. and he took a bottle this past weekend, yes! i have heard a couple moms share that their babies who are younger than ezekiel are sleeping through the night, we are a long way from that. i think he has slept a stretch of 5 hours twice in his life! he seems like such a big baby now that we have 4 new little baby girls in our community. a 18lb baby and a 4.5 lb baby are really different. we are now half way to one, oh my!

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Pamela said...

Adorable! Absolutely adorable!