Wednesday, April 22, 2009


a an out of state friend asked for a picture of my pregnant here it is taken by malachi himself. i will be 27 weeks tomorrow! sitting down doesn't exactly give you the proper perspective on the size of this little man and my belly. because i now am used to people expecting to hear that i am due this month, but oh no i'm not...
this baby boy likes to kick a lot and seems to respond to malachi's songs and voice. malachi has named him gopi - he made it up himself.
i have had a few "contractions" so we are trying to relax - i'm keeping heavy lifting (aka the boys) to a minimum and so far that is working so they are getting not worse. i'll go in tomorrow again to check it all out with the dr.
i am enjoying this pregnancy although yesterday when it was 95 and our electricity was out I was not enjoying the day... so we'll pray that our air conditioning works the rest of the summer and i will remain cool.

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