Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our seattle trip to visit opa and oma

we spent a long weekend in tacoma/seattle with my parents. it was a great time to get away while ryan worked on the house and i needed to just relax. we went to the zoo and enjoyed animals and the beautiful view of puget sound and mt. rainer. we hung out at the tacoma children's museum on our only rainy day. we took the ferry into seattle one day and then later went to the rocky beach. the boys had a ton of fun, got a lot of attention, malachi got his lego fix, and abram managed to fall on his face again. we were thankful to make one last visit to wa before my parents relocate to chicago in june. so thankful for a great trip!! and thankful for a husband who worked night and day to finish the first phase of our remodel by changing the living room into the boys room - he finished painting just before we landed in long beach. now we just need carpet installed so we stop tracking all the dust around the house.
ok so i tried writing comments on the photos but they didn't line up so you'll have to just enjoy them...

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Becca said...

Fun photos...glad you got to go and visit. Keep us posted on you appt with Dr.