Thursday, February 12, 2009

some review of life

verwys family


fun in mi snow

so my runs a making a post have failed lately - this one was in the middle of being done and then it posted before without my knowledge. i am complaining about the mac book i used to do it because it kept on going to "sleep" while the photos were loading and disconnecting my from the internet. ok so there you have it.
so these are christmas shots and maybe some day i'll get more up. like birthdays, our trip to disneyland...

in the mean time. right now i am enjoying rain falling outside while the boys sleep. we are also finally vomit free at our house after a whole week. every one of us was sick and i can't remember the last time i was that sick (maybe 15 years ago.) in the middle of the sickness i did leave for the weekend to go to a retreat with a group of women that i am in a learning community with. great women, all connected with urban ministry of some sort. we had a great time, good food and wonderful discussion, learning, solitude, and prayer. there were a number of things that stuck with me from the weekend but one was shared by the spiritual director who was with us, lynn. she led us through a lot of self reflection and time to journal and think about God and our relationship with him as a real God or a concept. it was good and deep and i could go into a lot of detail but i'd rather talk about it in person than on my blog... so anyway we talked about wholeness and her comment was that being whole means a:

"relentless pursuit of truth about you that will give you a healthy sense of self and loving relationships" that God brings light in to this truth because he doesn't show us truth without himself present in it - this was after we talked about our calling by God, with God and for God and then did a life evaluation of sorts. i was blessed to have the time to get away and reflect and was reminded about how needed time like that is. it was good timing because then i came home to sick kids and life...

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