Thursday, January 29, 2009

my conversation with malachi this week

abram runs into the kitchening pointing toward the bedroom and kind of shouting. so i follow him.

i walk in the bedroom and on the floor is a small turd of poop. malachi is standing next to it.

i ask malachi - is that abram's or yours? in the back of my head i'm thinking this is yours isn't and how long have you been potty trained...

he replies - it's mine mom. i pooped in my pants.

so we pick it up and bring it to the bathroom, clean up... - so i ask my illogical 3 year old why did you poop in your pants?

"mom, i like to poop in my pants."

what do you say to that. (note this is the second time today) at this point i decided nothing because how do explain that he shouldn't like it! who likes it?

but oh no the story doesn't end there, later at dinner. he says. it was funny when i took the poop and dumped it out of my little blue truck.

i decided i didn't want to ask anymore questions because i just didn't want to know.


erici said...

As long as he doesn't say it tased good with fishy crackers, your good to go.

Allensville said...

Ahh, what joys parenthood brings?!!!!? And if your three-year-old does poop in the toilet, chances are that he didn't flush. And chances are, your sixteen-month-old will go in and slosh it around a few times....good grief!

Shannon said...

oh my goodness! I have recounted this story to at least 5 people. i realize its a little gross and frustrating for you guys but over here malachi is hilarious.