Wednesday, November 26, 2008


malachi is nearing the end of being 2. it seems like this year has seen so much change and development in his whole being. its amazing to me to think about how quickly he has grasped language, problem solving, sharing (it's gotten a lot better), being a big brother, listening, trying new adventures.... he is a fun kid and continues to amaze me with the questions he thinks of and statements he makes. knock on wood, we went through the terrible 2's of him seemingly fighting everything we asked of him and i think we have come out on the other side. it took a lot of consistent work but i see the light! although i hear the 3's can be just as demanding. but what i know is what i know so far, right.

today he got to play with 2 different friends at our house and he had so much fun. they played in his room with toys. sat and read books. i am so thankful for the great friends he has in his life already because i see how they help him learn and grow and just enjoy being a kid.

each stage is unique and has its joys and challenges. i am trying to remind myself to enjoy where malachi is today - even on the crazy days. i am loving his joy for the simple pleasure of throwing a pillow at his dad or chasing his friends around the room. he loves to read, which i love to do with him. he is still doing puzzles all by himself, as he says. he also has discovered that sesame street computer games online are a lot of fun, my 2 year old plays computer games by himself! he still loves cars and talks to me about the ones he is missing in his collection and how much he needs them... so a few more weeks of enjoying life with a 2 year old and then on to the adventure of 3!

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