Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vacation to marco island

malachi said the best part of florida was going in the pool and walking on the sand. he is sitting on my lap and telling me he could type right now... he also liked the boat ride on mommy's 30th birthday. he and abram loved hanging out with grandma and grandpa too. here are some shots of our fun time.

enjoying the zoo because it was little cold


driving the boat with ryan

driving the boat with grandpa

this little river was dug for the boys to play in...little did we know that it would turn into an uncontrolable current that emptied the beach of all the water behind the boys. it also trapped people who had walked down the beach and came back to discover they couldn't get across the river. two women attempted to jump the river and fell flat on their faces. oops. goes to show a little digging can result in huge problem. we packed up the evidence and left the beach because we were getting a lot of looks from people. but it is a good story.

malachi running on the beach

abram digging

learning to swim all by himself

so proud of himself

help from malachi blowing out my candles


cristina said...

awesome pictures! looks like you had a fun birthday :)

Bec said...

You've been busy blogging!! So glad you guys could go to FL for your birthday. I love looking at all the pictures...hope to see you guys in person next month!