Monday, September 22, 2008

abram's year in review

one day old

malachi meets abram

early smiles

the blue eyes stuck

my sling

6 months old

my scowl

crawling around this summer at 9 months

i think he loves his mom

happy boy

brothers playing together

abram a few days shy of 1

i was challenged to take as many pictures of my second child as i did my first. i think i did, i just didn't get them out to people as well this time around... so here is abram's year in review. amazing how much changes in a year and how they grow, learn and develop. my little man is not feeling so hot on his birthday and is taking a nap going on 3 + hours, so i had time to do this today. he did today learn how to celebrate by throwing his arms in the air when we sing happy birthday to him in dutch, it is very cute. so happy birthday to abram.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday dude! He is so cute...I can't deal with it. I am so glad to have the blog circut keeping me mildly connected :) Hope all is well. I am in town for Thanksgiving and plan to make some visits all around town...I hope that we can meet up!

Drea said...

cute lil man! happy birthday.