Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ok so I haven't been very attentive to this blog - but I have an excuse, actually 2. One my computer is not allowing me to save anymore pictures, yup I'm out of disk space. Second we have had visitors - my parents and sister Annika. We had a great time going to the beach, seeing the Korean friendship bell, playing at parks, and just hanging out together. We missed Sarah & her boyfriend Ryan but enjoyed our time together. I stole the pictures from my parents blog so I could give you all a glimpse into life here. The boys are great and full of energy. Abram is now in the final countdown to 1 and letting his personality shine. He has a new pouty face which cracks us up and he seems to like to use it. He is such a cuddly kid and loves giving kisses and snuggles. He is standing on his own now and walking behind anything that moves, chairs, toys, empty buckets. Malachi has a favorite new hobby, puzzles. He enjoys figuring out where the pieces go and as we call it is a great, puzzler. He also discovered a new "friend" in Ryan's old cabbage patch kid. Joey, now sleeps with him, goes to the potty with him, eats with him, plays with his toys - its very entertaining to see what Joey does each day with Malachi. We are also doing well - Ryan is enjoying the growth happening with Kingdom Causes - two new programs starting in the last months. Affordable Housing: Our Place Housing Solutions and a Landscaping Business/Job Training: Good Soil are both taking off, very exciting. If you live in Bellflower and you need your lawn mowed call, Kingdom Causes. After feeling really tired earlier this summer he is discovering new energy in focusing each morning on glorifying Jesus in each day, one day at a time. Simple yet something we need to be intentional about in life. I am learning more about being a parent and we trying to figure out all the best discipline strategies for our precious (sometimes stubborn, yes you can laugh) boys. What a 2 year old can't teach you would be my question of the year!? I am also enjoying working about 1 day a week consulting with Kingdom Causes main office. This is a transition back into a place I love working, yet in a new role. We also are loving having family here with us and look forward to Ryan's parents and brothers coming this week. We have recruited another family member to CA, Rob will be starting at Azusa Pacific this week!! This is our plan if you didn't know, slowly bring our family members to CA, one by one.

our little guy is growing like a weed and gets bigger in my eyes each day

malachi's new favorite past time - puzzles

reading with annika

dirk's place in hollywood

venice beach

11 months!

fun at the park with oma

learning to walk

if you've ever wondered where malachi learns his stuff...

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