Tuesday, July 29, 2008

abram 10 months

abram seems to be changing right before my eyes. in less than 2 months he will be 1! he is becoming quite the little man. he loves his big brother and gets so excited when we go into the bedroom to wake up malachi from his nap or when he knows he gets to play with his brother. he loves music and crawls over to the leap frog barn on the refrigerator and dances to the music after he presses the button. he has a shy look for people he meets for the first time but this look also goes with a smile. he has finally gotten his bottom two teeth in and the one front one is poking through with the second on the way. he is now walking along the couch or the fireplace, and a little over a month ago he just sat so content. i guess some good things come to an end. today abram experienced his first earth quake, as did malachi. we were all playing in the their bedroom when the house started shaking. the boys were near a large bookcase that is not bolted to the wall, so I scooped them up and we sat under the door frame. as we waited out the shaking I heard a crash and glass break. the only damage was one large frame above the fireplace falling and breaking. malachi thought something hit the house and he can't quite understand where that earthquake disappeared to after it hit us. hopefully we won't have another for awhile.


bre vander ark said...

Glad to hear you guys were safe during the quake! I thought about the boys and wondered how they felt about it.

Shannon said...

I once held tight to the firm belief that the world could be rid of every pair of cargo shorts and slowly it would become a better place. I have decided to add a little clause into my philosophy: baby boys should always wear cargo shorts. So so cute!