Monday, February 4, 2008

VOTE, it is a priviledge


Allensville said...

By 7:15am, I was already buying donuts (c'mon, it's the American way) with my I VOTED sticker neatly displayed for all to see. I have to say though, Republicians are sacred in my 'hood. They had all of the ballots out except for Republician and spent a 5 minute frenzy looking for it. Then they directed me to the wrong station (after not seeing Mr. Paul's name). I was trying to explain that I'm not voting for Dems (yet). So yes, I voted. I voted Ron Paul and the measures along with it. Your welcome, Mr. Paul...probably the last time I'd see your name.

Allensville said...

I meant to say "scarce" not "sacred".