Tuesday, January 29, 2008

4 months and 2 year well baby

Today I took the boys to the doctor for their well baby check ups - malachi's last one as a "baby." I scheduled the appointments together, which I think worked ok. Thankfully Dr. Castillo was open to holding Abram while I got Malachi to sit in the stroller instead of standing to wash his hands. Getting the shots back to back wasn't the highlight of the visit, but they were both troopers. I don't think they both cried at the same time, just one right after the other. This new oral vaccination is a good thing, now if all of them were that way, wouldn't going to the dr. be so much easier. Big bonus of the day was that the dr. had Cars stickers; amazing: malachi was awarded for his bravery with a red, sally, mc queen, mater, doc, ramon and sheriff stickers. Of course he still wondered why he didn't get a flo sticker... So thankful that they the boys were healthy, malachi has recovered from either hand, foot, mouth or his first case of "herpes" aka a canker sore outbreak. Not the nicest thing for the dr. to say I think your 2 year old may have had herpes. huh. I think hand, foot, mouth sounds better at this point, so those red sores on his cheeks will be explained as that.
So anyway, Abram is 27 inches and 15 lbs 12 oz. Malachi is 32 lbs and 3 feet tall. We came home after our dr. visit and watched none other than the "Cars Bottie (movie)" while enjoying our picnic lunch spread out on the living room floor.


cristina said...

they are such troopers... and the pic is adorable. and by the way, i absolutely loved the thank you card... i have the picture and the coloring up on my wall next to my desk!

Becca said...

Glad they are growing and developing right on track!!! Cute brothers!
Miss you and wish we could "play"!