Saturday, September 15, 2007

thanking our firefighters

look at this

our neighbor hosts a barbecue every sept. 11th and then invites our local firefighters to come over and thank them for all the do. malachi was very excited to see the fire truck and check it all out. he loves making the sound of the sirens. later in the week as he lay on his changing table getting a new diaper he started making the siren noise. when i put him down he went to pick out his fire truck pjs. he loves fire trucks! he is in a truck and car phase right now and loves zooming his cars all over the place. he still asks daily to see the pictures from the demolition derby we went to in july. i think i'm destined to go to car shows and demolition derbies for the rest of my life!

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cristina said...

malachi is getting so big!
great updates... i hope things continue to go well in the weeks to come!