Saturday, September 15, 2007

still pregnant

my due date is still days away (sept. 26th) and since i was 2 weeks late with malachi i don't anticipate making that date. i am continually stopped when i am out and about by curious on-lookers to confirm my prego belly is not a ball stuffed under my shirt or a guess at the sex of the baby. ryan and i were thinking we'd design a t-shirt that says "yes i am having a baby." ryan enjoys noticing the looks i get from people, i think i have become used to ignoring it.

we are excited to meet our little guy very soon and the reality that we will soon have 2 little boys is becoming more real. we met last night with our doula, who also was with us for malachi's birth, and we were again reminded how amazing the experience of pregnancy and birth and new life is. we are very thankful for the gift we have been given in the pregnancy and how much we have to look forward to in the birth of our son. God's presence is so alive in every detail of the baby's growth, birth and life. It struck me last night again how God has designed my body to nurture this life and then get it out into the world, incredible.

we will keep you all posted on our lives in the next couple weeks and let you know when the BIRTH DAY arrives. please pray for continued health and some comfortableness as my belly swells, a wonderful delivery and healthy baby.

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Jeff and Ruthanne said...

Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo beautiful!! I love your big tummy, but I can't wait to meet my little nephew too! We miss you guys and love you more!!