Friday, August 3, 2007

san diego family reunion

we have survived 2 family reunions in one summer! we had a great time with ryan's mom's side of the family for the last few days in san diego. this get together happens every 3 years and brings together about 60 people. we had a lot of fun connecting with cousins and new little cousins. ryan discovered a new found love for tennis, he thinks that last time he played was in high school pe. malachi had a blast swimming with a life jacket all over the pool and jumping in all by himself, he would just pop right up with a big smile after going under. i just enjoyed hanging out with my boys and the rest of the family.

all the cousins

the pregnant girls, yes i am the furthest along

malachi not so excited for a picture with grandma and great grandma

drew and malachi are good buds

aunt ruthanne and malachi watching Shamu

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cristina said...

awesome pics... so i take it the passes worked?
by the way ryan, i have a class with your brother fall semester... should be fun!

see ya!