Friday, August 17, 2007

future big brothers

as i was looking through pictures it struck me that these two little boys, malachi and micah, are about to enter a whole new existence as big brothers. they were born about 5 weeks a part from one another and now their baby brothers are due 2 weeks from one another. they grasp that there is a baby in their mom's tummy, but i'm sure they have no idea what this will mean for their every day life.
these 2 boys are so much fun and they've been the babies for the last couple years and i'm amazed at how quickly they are becoming little boys. this picture is just one example of how they play together so well and just make me laugh.
so part of me is sad to see my little guy grow up and the other part of me thinks please learn how to talk in complete sentences in 5 weeks so i don't have to guess what you are trying to communicate when i have another baby who is going to be trying to tell me about his needs. i waiver between the days when i want to slow down everything and the other days when i think learning some new skill couldn't come any quicker. i guess that is the dance of being a parent. it sure is an adeventure full of learning, sacrifice and grace.

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