Tuesday, May 29, 2007

is it time for a potty party?

I was shocked yesterday when Malachi asked to sit on the potty and then actually peed in the toilet, ok some missed because I wasn't expecting it to happen. I also was not expecting to have this whole process of wanting to sit on the potty happen until the fall at the earliest. So instead of reading the new Donald Miller book I just got I sat and read "Potty Training Your Child in Just One Day." They should have a best seller's list of books new parents read. So, having a potty party for a day sounds like an adventure and potentially a fun day. And my conclusion is that we'll just wait a little longer before we venture into the potty training world - diapers will continue to be our friend for awhile. I think I'll hide the Elmo potty training book too because I'm not sure I can survive hearing Elmo's voice talk about going potty everyday for the whole summer. We'll let you know when finally have a potty party in the future.

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